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The present Tariff Commission was constituted through a Government Resolution in 1997. Subsequently Bureau of Industrial cost & Prices (BICP) was merged in the Tariff Commission. The Commission is headed by an officer in the rank and pay of Secretary to the Govt. of India. Tariff Commission is located within the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion in the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

Tariff Commission having a multi disciplinary structure of experts in the field of science & technology, cost & financial analysis, statistics and economics, provides research based inputs for informed decision making by Government, based on in-depth study using data on ground realities collected from field.

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion after the review of role of Tariff Commission by the Hon'ble Commerce & Industry Minister has decided to strengthen the Commission to enable the Commission to continue to provide useful inputs for informed decision making by the Commerce and Industry Ministry with regard to manufacturing and other Ministries of Government of India. The Tariff Commission is actively involved in Inverted Duty Structure studies on products which are undertaken to support the 'Make in India' initiative of the Government and enhance the competitiveness of the particular industry. The emphasis of the Tariff Commission studies is enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic manufacturers focusing on areas delineated in the National Manufacturing Policy.

Tariff Commission is the only Government organization which has the know-how and expertise of using the tool of normation for informed decision making across the board for different sectors of the industry. Normation is based on assessment of achievable efficiencies i.e optimal capacity utilization, productivity parameters of respective inputs (such as man, material, energy and machine) taking into account technologies and manufacturing processes etc. Normation analysis thus can be used to benchmark sectors /units for enhancing their competitiveness.

Tariff Commission endeavours to deliver study reports within a definite time frame in a phased manner so that the findings are real time and relevant for arriving at policy decisions and not rendered redundant with the passage of time. This is ensured by phasing the studies and making them State specific and/or sector/unit/product specific.

Tariff Commission as per its mandate does not charge its clients. The expenditure on the studies is met through the budget provided by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion and as such the clients do not have to provide for the expenditure incurred on the studies.

The Reports of the Tariff Commission are confidential between the Commission and Client Ministries/Departments.

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