• Methodology

Tariff Commission is an organisation providing research based inputs to the ministries/department based on in-depth study using data/information on ground realties collected from the field for informed decision making. The Tariff commission conduct studies based on the reference from  Ministries and Department of Government of India, public sector units and cooperatives/corporations, various committee and authorities  & representation from industry and industry bodies/associations.  The methodology to conduct the study are as follows:

  • Identification of basic issues and preparation of terms of reference of the study in consultation with Ministries/Departments.
  • Preparation of study specific Questionnaire covering economic, technical and costing aspects and sent to the units for submission of requisite data/information.
  • The consolidated data sought through questionnaire from the units are compiled in-house.
  •  Any additional data/data gaps/clarification assessed on a scrutiny of replies to questionnaire are collected during the field visits by the study team.
  • Discussions/meetings with officials of companies/units in order to seek clarification.
  • Literature Survey
    • The data of concerned Industry Association/Administrative Ministry/Consultants/Academic Institutions, particularly in the area of applied research/statistical organizations/various technical, economic and costing journals as well as Cost Audit Reports, past study reports etc. The scanning of data from secondary sources is an on-going process and extensive search of data through Internet. This helps in culling data/information and is a continues process till the report is submitted.
  • The Sequence of conduct of Study Processes is summarized in the flow chart The studies conducted by Tariff Commission are based on the constitution of study teams comprising of study in-charge, study coordinator and study team members from economic, technical and costing divisions. The process/procedure/activity and responsibility of each designated position adopted for conducting studies are on the basis of participatory approach adopted in the Commission.
  • The duties of study in-charge and study coordinator and study team members for conducting the study are also based on participatory approach.

Time for Study

The studies are prioritized based on the requirement of Government. The time is based on the past experience of conducting studies, average performance capacity of individuals and available manpower in the Tariff Commission.

Sr. No. Studies Time Total manpower requirement per study
For average sample size study 2-3 month after receipt of the relevant and complete set of data/ information 6-7
For extensive sample size coverage 3-4 month after receipt of the relevant and complete set of data/ information 16