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The particulars of the organisation, functions and duties: -

Background :

In the pre-independence era, a Tariff Board existed in the Ministry of Commerce “to advise the Government on measures required for protection of domestic industry”. This was converted into a Commission by The Tariff Commission Act 1951. The main functions of the Commission were to undertake various studies and recommend to the Government, requisite measures for protecting Indian industries, necessary reduction in customs and excise duties in respect of specific industries and remedial measures against dumping of goods. The Commission also undertook suo-moto studies.

The Tariff Commission set up in 1951 under the Ministry of Finance was wound up in 1976 by the Tariff Commission (Repeal) Act of 1976 based on the observation of the Second Fiscal Commission that the functions of the Commission were largely similar to those of the Bureau of Industrial Costs and Prices (BICP) which was set up in 1970 on the recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission. The BICP was bifurcated in August 1997 and the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) was carved out and placed under the Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

In 1991-92, the then Finance Minster in his Budget Speech said,

“…I believe that the time has come to evolve a more transparent institutional mechanism for fixing tariffs and domestic prices in sectors where there might still be need for protecting Indian industry against foreign competition and for the determination of administered prices, particularly in the area of public utilities. For this purpose, we propose to restructure the Bureau of Industrial Costs & Prices and to transform it into a Tariff Commission.”

Further in 1996-97, the then Finance Minister said in his Budget Speech of 1996-97.

“… In keeping with the promises made in the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) … Government have initiated action to set up an independent Tariff Commission.”

The present Commission was established on 2nd September 1997. In 1999, the BICP alongwith its core functions was merged with the Tariff Commission.


The Commission is headed by a full time Chairman of the rank and pay of Secretary to the Government of India and assisted by Member Secretary. in the rank and pay of Additional Secretary to the Government of India. There is also a provision of two part-time members to be drawn from persons of eminence from relevant fields including, finance, economics, industry, commerce and science & technology.

The Commission has three specialised functional divisions in the areas of Economics, ‘Science & Technology’ and ‘Finance & Costing’. In addition, it has got Administrative, Secretariat and Electronic Data Processing branches to provide Administrative, Secretariat and EDP support respectively. The Administrative branch consists of sections dealing with Establishment, General Administration, Cash, Hindi, Vigilance, Court Cases, Training, Library and other miscellaneous administrative matters. The Secretariat branch provides all in-house requisite secretariat support on various matters including those pertaining to the completed and on-going studies. The Electronic Data Processing Unit deals with all matters pertaining to Information Technology inter-alia including uploading and updating of the information on the Website, providing support to the officers of the Commission on Computer related matters including procurement of computers.

The three specialised functional divisions are headed by Chief Advisers in their respective fields in the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India. They are supported by Industrial Advisers, Advisers, Directors, Deputy/Assistant Directors, etc. working in their divisions.

The officers/staff in the Commission are drawn from various Central Services viz, IAS, ICoAS, IES, ISS, CSS, CSSS, etc. The Commission has its own cadre of S&T personnel to work in Technical Division of the Commission. The present organisational structure of the Commission is as under:

The present staff strength of the Commission is as under:

S.No. Group Post No. of Post Sanctioned    
    Sanctioned at the time of creation Present Filled Vacant
1. Group ‘A’ 78 55 13 42
2. Group ‘B’ Gazetted 
Group ‘B’ Non-Gazetted
3. Group ‘C’ 39 36 16 20
4. Group ‘D’ 23 - - -
  Total 184 127 49 78

The office of the Commission is located at the following address:

Tariff Commission, 7th Floor, (A Wing), Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi - 110003


The Commission has been entrusted with the following functions:-

  • To make recommendations as an expert body, on matters referred to it by Government regarding fixation of tariff and all tariff related issues in relation to trade in goods and services, keeping in view the interest of various sectors including production, trade and consumers and taking into account the international commitments. The Commission should aim at evolving an overall tariff structure and look into the issues of tariff rationalisation.
  • To study critical market access offers received from trading partners as part of WTO work and to advise the Government on the opportunities and challenges generated by these offers (as per reference made by the Government).
  • To make a detailed impact analysis on select sectors like textiles, agriculture, automobiles, information technology, chemicals, steel and engineering goods through a multi-disciplinary team.
  • To examine the transition-period required for select industries and to recommend the gradual phasing out of the tariffs to facilitate the reform process as referred to it by the Government from time to time.
  • To identify the tariffication process for select economic activities as referred by the Government from time to time.
  • To monitor the tariff changes in the competing and trade-partner countries and maintain an inventory of tariff rates at a sufficiently detailed level.
  • To carry out technical studies on cost of production of different goods and services and their competitiveness in relation to other countries.
  • To render advice on issues referred to it by the Government on classification of goods, and products along with applicable tariff on such goods and products.
  • To undertake such other tasks as may be assigned by the Government from time to time.
  • To present an Annual Report to the Government of its activities.

The Powers & Duties of its officers & Employees

Concerning functions being carried out by this Commission, no statutory power has been vested in it as it is an advisory body. The administrative and financial powers and duties of various functionaries are as under:-


The Commission is headed by a full time Chairman of the rank and pay of Secretary to the Government of India and assisted by Member Secretary in the rank and pay of Additional Secretary to the Government of India.

Member Secretary

Member Secretary, in the rank ofAdditional Secretary to the Government of India. He/She assists and provides necessary support to the Chairman in discharging his functions and duties. He/She is the guiding force for all the studies undertaken by the Commission.

The present Member Secretary is in the rank and pay of Secretary to the Government of India

Chief Advisers (Head of Divisions)

The Chief Advisers in the three specialised functional divisions viz technical, economic and costing divisions belong to S&T Cadre of the Commission, Indian Economic Service and Indian Cost Accounts Service respectively. All of them are in the rank of Joint Secretary to the Government of India. Being experts and heads of the respective divisions, they are responsible for in-depth analysis of the issues, concerning their divisions, involved in the studies undertaken by the Commission and preparation of the reports thereof. They are overall responsible for planning, guiding & supervising the work of study teams and ensuring timely completion of the studies of their respective divisions as well as for finalization of the Reports to be submitted to the Commission for approval. In this task, they are assisted by Industrial Advisers/Advisers/Directors/Deputy Directors/Assistant Directors. They also advise the Commission on various issues referred to it by the Government of India from time to time.


The Administrative and Secretariat branches dealing with all administrative viz. Establishment, General Admin., Cash, Hindi etc. matters and in-house secretariat support respectively to the officers of the Commission are headed by the Secretary of the Commission. He discharges all the business emanating from the sections in these branches with the support of Director, Under Secretary/ Deputy Director, Assistant Directors/Section Officers and supporting staff. To carry out the requisite functions, the powers have been redelegated to him by HOD within certain financial parameters under the relevant DFPRs/GFRs. Besides, he also coordinates studies undertaken by the Commission.

The procedure followed in the decision-making process, including channels of supervision & accountability.

Being an attached office of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Tariff Commission follows all the Rules, Regulations and Instructions issued by the Government from time to time to carry out its administrative functions.

Concerning technical work of the studies undertaken by the Commission, the work is done by the study teams having representatives from all the three specialised divisions constituted for the purpose. These study teams under the guidance of their Heads of Divisions and Member Secretary finalise the Terms of Reference, activity wise time schedule, methodology etc. and accomplish the task in the given time by submitting the reports including the recommendations to the Commission for onward transmission to the respective client department/ministry of the Government of India. Being an advisory body, the implementation of the recommendations rests with the client administrative Ministry. The various levels of supervision are depicted in the Organisational Chart given earlier.

Process/Procedure/Responsibility of the Study

The processes adopted for conducting studies are on the basis of participatory approach adopted in the Commission :

Sl. No Name of process/Procedure Activity Weight in percent Responsible person (Designation) (S/Shri) Process FEE
Receipt and processing of reference  
  • Receipt of reference from Ministries /Department/ Organisations / State Governments.
  • Processing the request.
  • Informing the clientMinistry/Department/ Organisation/State Government
2 Secretary, TC
  • Therequests received for undertaking studies are considered keeping in view theexpertise, availability of resources and work load in hand.
  • Approvalof  HOD is solicited for taking up thestudy or expressing Commissions regrets in taking up the study.
  • Thedecision of the Commission is communicated to the client and for thosestudies which are included in the annual action plan the client is intimatedand requested for nominating nodal officer.
Constitution of study team
  • Initiatingthe process for constituting study team.
  • Nominationof team members from Costing, Economic, statistical and Technical  Divisions.
  • Constitutionof  study team.
  • Circulationof orders of study team
2 Secretary, TC
  • Onacceptance of the study, the process of constitution of study team isinitiated.
  • Astudy team is constituted and Study In charge / Study Coordinator for thestudy is also nominated from amongst the team members
  • Thestudy team thus constituted is circulated to the officers of the Commission
Finalization of Terms of Reference
  • Deliberationswith nodal officer for terms of reference of the study.
  • Finalizationof Terms of Reference.
  • Communicatingthe finalized Terms of Reference
3 Study In-charge &
Study coordinator
  • Thestudy in-charge / study coordinator interacts with the nodal officernominated by the client for formulating the Terms of Reference for the studyand prepares the draft Terms of Reference.
  • Thestudy in charge /Study coordinator in consultation with the  study team members finalizes the terms ofreference with the approval of HOD.
  • Thefinalized terms of reference are communicated to the client for theirconcurrence.
Approach and methodology of Study andassignment of work amongst study team
  • Approachand Methodology.
  • Allocationof work amongst the team members
  3 Study In-charge &
Study coordinator
  • StudyIn-charge / study coordinator in the backdrop of the Terms of reference ofthe study define the scope and approach and methodology for the study inconsultation with the team members.
  • Studyin-charge / Study coordinator allocate the work amongst the team members
Identification of data requirement
  • Listingthe requirements of data for the study.
  • Firmingof the data requirement
  8 Study In-charge &
Study coordinator
  • Eachmember keeping in view the ToR of the study identifies his data requirementand gives it to the study in charge / study coordinator.
  • Studyin charge / study coordinator consolidates data requirement from team membersand the same is firmed up
Identification of data source
  • Preparinga list of possible secondary sources (such as websites, published reports& journals, old reports).
  • Identifyingthe units for study for primary data
  8 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Eachteam member  depending upon the natureand scope of study, identify and list the possible secondary data sources inconsultation with study in charge / Study coordinator.
  • Studyin charge/ study coordinator consolidates data requirement from team membersand the same is firmed up.
Data collection
  • Preparationof the questionnaire
  • Costing, Economic, statistical  & Technical parts
  • Consolidation of questionnaire
  • Issueof the questionnaire to the identified units.
  • Downloaddata from published sources.
  • LiteratureSurvey.
  12 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Eachteam member from respective discipline prepares questions / table formats forobtaining the information from the responding units and give it to the studyin charge / study coordinator.
  • Thestudy in charge / study coordinator consolidates the questionnaireincorporating the inputs received from the team members
  • Thequestionnaire prepared is sent to the identified responding units
  • Thedesired data from the identified published sources is downloaded by teammembers.
Data scrutiny
  • Scrutinizingthe data/information received from responding units.
  • Listingthe data gaps
  • Communicatingthe data gaps
12 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Thedata received from the responding units is scrutinized and the  inconsistencies in the  data are listed by the respective teammembers.
  • Thediscrepancies observed by each team member are discussed with the   study in charge / study coordinator who inturn consolidates the data gaps for each responding unit separately.
  • Thedata gaps of respective units communicated to the respondents
Data analysis
  • Identificationof tools to be used for data analysis.
  • Interactionwith stake holders.
  • Fieldvisits.
  • Analysingthe costing, technical and economic aspects.
  • Finalisingcosting, technical and economic inputs.
15 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Dependingupon the type and sector of study, tools for data analysis are identified.
  • Deliberationsare done with all the stake holders to have an understanding of theirperspectives of the issues involved with the study.
  • Studyin charge /study coordinator along with the team members undertakes visits tothe responding units for data reconciliation, verification of informationfurnished and to interact with the management for obtaining first-handinformation and  understanding theground realities.
  • Thedifferent aspect, financial performance, technological parameters andeconomic issues are analysed by the respective team members.
  • Basedon analysis team members consolidate inputs from the study. For normativepricing studies, technical efficiency norms and normative price workings isgot approved by the  competentauthority before being sent to the study  in charge / study coordinator. Respectivechapters for incorporation in the study are prepared by respective members
Preparation of draft report
  • Preparationof draft chapter.
  • Amalgamationof inputs /draft chapters.
  • Draftingthe conclusions, recommendations , and executive summary.
  • Preparationof draft report.
  15 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Studyin charge / study coordinator along with the team members prepare the  draft chapters.
  • Theanalysis of data and draft chapters provided by the different team membersare integrated by the Study in charge / study coordinator.
  • Basedon the initial draft report prepared by study in charge / study coordinatorand conclusions and findings are drawn and executive summary of the report isprepared.
Finalization of report
  • Approvalof the draft report.
  • Finalizationof report.
  15 Study In-charge,
Study coordinator &
Team members
  • Thedraft report is put up for approval of Commission. The suggestions of theCommission are appropriately addressed and incorporated in the report.Wherever desired by the Commission the draft report is circulated to other officerswith expertise and experience for broader discussion.
  • Thereport is finalized for approval of the Commission after incorporatingsuggestions in draft report
Submission of  report Submissionof the final report 5 Secretary, TC Afterthe receipt of approved report from study coordinator it is sent to clientMinistry / Department/ Organisation.  

Time for study

 S.No Studies Time Total manpower requirement per study
1 For average sample size study  2-3 month after receipt of the relevant and complete set of data/ information  6-7
2 For extensive sample size coverage 3-4 month after receipt of the relevant and complete set of data/ information  16

The studies are prioritized based on the requirement of Government. The time is based on the past experience of conducting studies, average performance capacity of individuals and available manpower in the Tariff Commission.

Duties of each Designated Position

Designation/ Position Responsibility
Study in-charge & Study coordinator
  • Plan and coordinate the activities of the study.
  • Preparation of time lines of the study in terms of PERT chart.
  • Preparation and finalization of Terms of Reference in consultation with the client Ministry/Department/Organization/State Government.
  • Preparation and consolidation of  questionnaire covering Economic, Technical and Costing aspects as obtained from team members of respective Divisions
  • Consolidation of identified data gaps/clarification received from team members of different Divisions and onward transmission to the relevant responding units.
  • Planning and undertaking visits to responding units along with other team members.
  • Periodically review of the progress of the study and keep the study in-charge informed about the developments.
  • Consolidation of the Chapters of different Divisions and preparation of the draft report.
  • Submitting, through study in-charge and soliciting the approval of the study report by the Commission. 
  • Making the report available to Secretary, TC for sending the same to the client.
Team Members
(Economic/ Costing / Science & Technology)
  • To carry out work assigned for the study
  • Identification of data sources
  • Preparation of questionnaire for inputs of respective discipline
  • Identification of data gaps from the replies received from the units
  • Compilation and Analysis of data
  • Under taking study tours
  • Preparation of analytical tables and  graphs
  • Consolidation and arriving at inputs for the study
  • For normative pricing studies, technical efficiency norms/normative prices, to obtain approval of respective Divisional Heads before sending the inputs to study coordinator.
  • Preparing draft chapters and bring out finding of the analysis.
  • Providing initial inferences based on the data analysis.
  • To assist in conduct of the study and preparation of draft report.
Secretary, TC
  • Processing the references received for initiating the studies
  • Work as a interface between the Commission and referral agencies 
  • Work as the nodal point for emanation and dissemination of information
  • Ensuring timely constitution of study teams
  • Issue of questionnaire to the units under study
  • Send the report to the referring agency after the approval of the Commission.
  • Ensure appropriate support of infrastructure, secretarial and computer systems for smooth functioning and conduct of studies.

Redress of Grievance

In case of non –compliance of the service standards, the stake holders can contact the following grievance officers for redressal of their Grievances:

Type of Grievance Name and designation
Study related Concerned Study In-charge/Study Coordinator  
to liaison  with nodal officer of the referral agency for  addressing the study specific grievance/issues.
General Grievance Secretary
Tariff Commission
Room No 708
7th Floor Loknayak Bhavan
Khan Market, New Delhi 110051
Tel No :- 24694025
email-id tc@gov.in

The grievance can also be lodged on line on the following links:

Escalation of Grievance
In case the grievance is not redressed, finally the same can be taken up at a higher level to the following Authority :

Member Secretary
Tariff Commission
7th Floor,  Loknayak Bhavan
Khan Market, New Delhi 110051
Tel No : (O) 24698454
email-id :memsecy-t c@gov.in

Expectations from the Clients

  • Clear and realistic Term of Reference for the Study.
  • Facilitation of data/data gaps.
  • Feedback on outcomes of study.   
The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions:-

Concerning in-house administrative functions, the Commission follows all the norms as laid down in various Rule Books including the Manual Of Office Procedure of the Government of India. For the core functions pertaining to studies, analysis of data and making recommendations to the Government of India, the Commission does not have any pre-determined set of norms. Each study is unique & its analysis depends upon the nature and type of study, time, availability of data and the terms of reference assigned by client ministry. To ensure timely completion of the study as per TORs, the Commission draw up an internal activity-wise time schedule to follow it up.

The rules, regulations, instructions, manuals and records, held by it or under its control or used by its employees for discharging its functions:-

With regard to the carrying out of administrative function of the Commission, the rule books/guidelines/instructions issued by the Government of India from time to time are kept in the respective Sections for reference and application in the respective cases. The information available on Internet and collected from primary/secondary sources is also used by employees in discharge of its functions.

On technical matters, all the relevant files and copies of the studies completed by the Commission/BICP are maintained. Important manuals/journals, reports books on various subjects, etc are also kept in library for reference.

A Statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control:-

The documents maintained by the Commission inter-alia include all the relevant files/document on i) personal files of the officers and staff ii) financial matters concerning Five Years/ Annual Plans, Budgetary Matters, etc. iii) Parliamentary Matters iv) House keeping matters v) Pay Bill Registers vi) Annual Confidential Reports of officers working on posts controlled by Commission and Property Returns. In addition, the copies of all the studies completed by BICP/Tariff Commission are also kept in the Commission for record and reference purposes. The Library of the Commission also contains all the important manuals/journals and books on the concerned subjects besides other books of interest to the employees.

The Particulars of any arrangements that exists for consultation with or representation by the members of public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof: -

In view of the type and nature of the work done in the Commission, there is no direct access with any member of the public for consultation purpose. As such, no arrangements exist for consultation etc. However, if any representation on technical matter is received through the client Ministry, the same is dealt with depending upon its nature, content & relationship with any Govt. Deptt/ Institution, its purpose and large natural interest as per the set procedure of the Commission . The public can have access to the Website of the Commission for the requisite information pertaining to its Organisation and related details including list of studies completed by the BICP/Commission on its Website address.

A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advise, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public:

Not Applicable

A directory of its officers and employees:-

The telephone directory containing official and residential telephones numbers and address of officers of Section Officers and above is at Annexure A.

The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations:-

The monthly remuneration given to the officers and employees differ from post to post. They are given annual increment also on their basic pay in the respective pay scales. Besides the basic pay other allowances as are applicable are given to the government servants. The details of the pay scales for different posts in this commission are at Annexure B.

The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursement made: -

The details of the budget allocation for Tariff Commission both plan and non-plan for the financial year 2018-19 is at Annexure C. The Plan allocation is utilised for meeting expenditure on activities such as Developmental Studies, Computerization and Library & Infra Structural Developments. The Non-plan expenditure is spent on items such as salaries, wages, TA/DA, office expenses, publication etc.

Information related to Procurements:

All the tender enquiries for procurement of various items are placed on GeM through bid process or without bid process as per GFR

The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes:-

Not Applicable

Particulars of recipient of concessions, permits or authorisations granted by it:-

Not Applicable

Details in respect of the information, available to or held by it, reduced in an electronic form:-

The material for Annual Report of Department of IP&P & List of Studies completed by BICP/Tariff Commission and on-going studies, is on the Website. i.e., http://tc.nic.in

The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use: -

The nature of work of Tariff Commission does not call for direct access to any member of the public. The library of the Commission is solely for the purpose of reference by its officers/staff. The public can access to Tariff Commission website on its address viz

http://tc.nic.in or contact the officer for further details.

The names, designation and other particulars of the Appellate Authority, Public Information Officers:-

The details of Appellate Authority, Public Information Officers are as under:

(1) Appellate Authority

Name: Sh. Amarpal Singh Sawhney
Designation: Secretary, Tariff Commission
Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24694025
Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

(2) Public Information Officer

Name: Pankaj Pahadia
Designation: Assistant Director, (Cost)
Tariff Commission Phone No.: 9887753077
Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Third Party Audit  Done by National Productivity Council

Earlier Appellate Authority, CPIO,APIO

Name: Mr. Mahendra Kumar

Designation: Industrial Advisor and Appellate Authority ,(From 2006 to 2015)

Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24694025

Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Name: Mr. P.K.Upadhyay

Designation: Advisor and Appellate Authority ,

Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24694025

Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Name: Mrs. P. Madhurika Rao

Designation: Senior Systems Analyst and PIO , (From 2009 to 2016)

Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24623088

Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Name: Mr.. Inderjeet Singh

Designation: Assistant Director and PIO, 9From April 2016 to May 2017)

Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24694095

Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Name: Mrs. P. Madhurika Rao

Designation: Senior Systems Analyst ,PIO , (From May 2017 to till date)

Tariff Commission Phone No.: 24623088

Address: 7th Floor,  Lok Nayak Bhawan Khan Market,  New Delhi 110 051

Such other information as may be prescribed:

Tariff Commission is a purely advisory body. It does not exercise any administrative or statutory power or formulate any policy in relation to Public at large. It, however, takes decisions relating to the internal administration of the office and its employees and the discharge of its functions viz conducting studies etc. on specific issues referred to it or on suo-moto basis.

The sharing of information gathered from the third parties for conducting studies and the study report contents will be decided in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Right to Information Act, on case to case basis & nature of the information/studies, their sensitiveness keeping in view the large national interest.

Annexure A

Tariff Commission - Telephone Directory

7th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market, New Delhi - 110 511
Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Ms. Shalini Prasad Member Secretary 24698454 - 702
Smt.Mukta Makar PPS 24698454 - -
Sh. Niranjan Babu Gupta PPS 24698454

Costing Division

Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Ms. Manmohan Kaur Chief Adviser 24615871 8882220039 735
Sh. Amarpal Singh Sawhney Adviser 24697761 9891117584 708
Sh. Arun Diwan  Director 24698923 - 706
Sh. Baljit Singh Deputy Director  24649075 9599172395 724
Smt.Devanshi Agarwal Deputy Director  24649075 - 734
Sh. Pankaj Pahadia Assistant Director  -do- - 733

Economic Division

Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Sh. A.S.Sachdeva Consultant 732
Sh. Swapan Kumar Mondal Economic Adviser (IES) 24693911 - 737
Sh. Chetan Swaroop Jayant  Director (IES) 24618207 723
Sh. M. L. Meena  Director (IES)
Sh. Chitvan Singh Dhillon Deputy Director (IES)

S&T Division

Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Sh. P.K.Dhar Deputy Director(S&T)(Retd) Consultant 24616360 - 727


Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Sh. Subhash Chand DPA Gr.'B' 24615154 - Computer Division (728)

Administration / Secretariat

Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Sh. Amarpal Singh Sawhney Secretary,TC 24694025 9891117584 708
Ravi Singh Steno 24694025 - 708
Sh. Amar Dev Bahlwal Under Secretary(Admn.) 24615496 729
Sh.Subhash Chand Drawing & Disbursing Officer(Additional Charge) 24615154
- Admin. Hall
Vacant Section Officer(Cash) 24698778 - Admin. Hall

Hindi Cell

Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Smt. Chitra Wadhwa Assistant Director(OL) 24694095 - 713


Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Chitra Wadhwa Assistant Director (OL) 24694095 734


Name Designation Office No. Resi No./Mobile Room No.
Conference Room - - 7th floor
Reception Gate No2. 24697648 - -
FAX No. Office of Member Secretary 24690779 - -
- Office of Secretary,TC 24622961 - -

Sh. Sh. Amarpal Singh Sawhney, Adviser(Cost) is also working as Secretary, TC

 Shri  Pankaj Pahadia is also working as Public Information Officer, Welfare Officer

Sh.Baljit Singh Deputy Direct(Cost) has additional Charge of GA Section/Welfare Officer also

Sh. Subhash Chand , DPA Gr. 'B' is also working as Drawing & Disbursing Officer


Post-wise Pay Scales of Officers/Officials of Tariff Commission

Designation of the post Pre-revised Pay Scale New Pay Scale
Chairman 26000 (Fixed) L-17 (Rs.225000 fixed)
Member Secretary 22400-525-24500 L-17 (Rs.225000 fixed)
Member 18400-500-22400 L-14 (Rs.144200-218200)
Chief Adviser 18400-500-22400 L-14 (Rs.144200-218200)
Economic Adviser 18400-500-22400 L-14 (Rs.144200-218200)
Adviser (System) 14300-400-18300 L-13(Rs.123100-218200)
Industrial Adviser/Adviser 14300-400-18300 L-13(Rs.123100-218200)
Director 12000-375-16500 L-12(Rs.78800-209200)
Secretary 12000-375-16500 L-12(Rs.78800-209200)
Senior Systems Analyst 10000-325-15200 L-11 (Rs.67700-208700)
Deputy Director 10000-325-15200 L-11 (Rs.67700-208700)
Sr.PPS 10000-325-15200 L-11 (Rs.67700-208700)
PPS 10000-325-15200 L-11 (Rs.67700-208700)
Asstt. Director 8000-275-13500 L-10 (Rs.56100-177500)
Asstt. Secy.-cum-Admn. Officer 8000-275-13500 L-10 (Rs.56100-177500)
Section Officer 6500-200-10500 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Asstt. Dir (OL) 6500-200-10500 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
ALIO 6500-200-10500 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Private Secretary 6500-200-10500 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
DPA Grade ‘B’ 6500-200-10500 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Assistant 6500-175-9000 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Accountant 6500-175-9000 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Personal Assistant 6500-175-9000 L-8 (Rs.47600-151100)
Economic Officer 5500-175-9000 L-7 (Rs.44900-142400)
DPA Grade ‘A’ 5500-175-9000 L-7 (Rs.44900-142400)
Jr. Hindi Translator 4500-125-7000 L-6 (Rs.35400-112400)
Jr. Investigator 4500-125-7000 L-6 (Rs.35400-112400)
UDC 4000-100-6000 L-6 (Rs.35400-112400)
Stenographer 4000-100-6000 L-6 (Rs.35400-112400)
LDC 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Despatch Rider 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Staff Car Driver 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Lib. Attendant 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Roneo Operator 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Comptometer Operator 3050-4590 L-2 (Rs.19900-63200)
Sr. Peon 2650-4000 L-1 (18000-56900)
Daftry 2650-4000 L-1 (18000-56900)
MTS 2550-3200 & 2610-3540 L-1 (18000-56900)
Name Designation Group Cadre Pay Level
Ms. Shalini Prasad Member Secretary A IAS L-17 (Rs.225000 fixed)
Shri S.K. Mondal Economic Adviser A IES L-14 (Rs144200-218200)
Shri Manmohan Sachdeva Chief Adviser(Cost) A ICoAS L-14 (Rs144200-218200)
Mr. A.P.S.Sawhney Adviser(Cost) A ICoAS L-14 (Rs.144200-218200)
Sh. Arun Diwan  Director(Cost) A ICoAS L-12 (Rs78800-209200)
Shri C.S. Jayant Director (Eco) A IES L-12 (Rs78800-209200)
Shri M.L. Meena Director (Eco) A IES L-12 (Rs78800-209200)
Smt.Devanshi Aggarwal Dy. Director(Cost) A ICoAS L-11 (Rs67700-208700)
Shri Baljit Singh Dy. Director(Cost) A ICoAS L-11 (67700-208700)
Shri Pankaj Pahadia AD(Cost) A ICoAS L-10 (Rs56100-177500)
Smt. Mukta Makar PPS, IPP A CSSS L-11 (Rs67700-208700)
Smt Chitra Wadhwa   AD(OL) A OL L-10 (Rs56100-177500)
Shri Amar Dev Under Secretary  B IP&P L-11 (67700-208700)
Smt. K. Venkta Rama PS B IP&P 10 (Rs56100-177500)
Shri Niranjan Babu Gupta PPS A IP&P L-11 (67700-208700)
Shri Subhash Chand DPA Gr. 'B' B EDP L-8(Rs47600-151100)
Shri Vidya Charan Prasad PS B IP&P L-8(Rs47600-151100)
Shri Parvesh Gupta ASO B IP&P L-7(Rs44900-142400)
Shri Kulwant Singh ASO B IP&P L-7(Rs44900-142400)
Shri Anurag Chopra ASO B IP&P L-7(Rs44900-142400)
Shri Harish Kabeer ASO B IP&P L-7(Rs44900-142400)
Smt. Deboshree Das SHT B OL L-7(Rs44900-142400)
Smt. Subhadra Kumari  JHT B OL L-7(Rs35400-112400)
Shri Ravi Singh Stenographer C IP&P L-4(Rs25500-81100)
Shri Pankaj Paliwal Stenographer C IP&P L-4(Rs25500-81100)
Shri Girish Kandpal Comptometer Operator C TC L-3(Rs21700-69100)
Shri Faqir Chand Staff Car Driver C TC L-4(Rs25500-81100)
Shri Karan Singh JSA C TC L-4(Rs.25500-81100)
ShriJitendar Paswan MTS C TC 3(Rs21700-69100)
ShriShambhu MTS C TC L-2(Rs19900-63200
ShriSuresh chand MTS C TC L-2(Rs19900-63200
ShriUmesh paswan MTS C TC L-2(Rs19900-63200
Smt.Yashoda Devi MTS C TC L-2(Rs19900-63200
ShriRam Pal MTS C TC L-3(Rs21700-69100)


Budget (Non-Plan) Estimates for 2021-22

Demand for Grants 2021-2022

(In thousands Rupees)

2852.80.103 Non Plan Total
80.103 Tariff & Price Regulation (minor Head)
03 Tariff Commission
03.02 Establishment
03.02.01 Salaries 54500 54500
03.02.02 Wages 100 100
03.02.03 Overtime Allowance 100 100
03.02.06 Medical Treatment 1400 1400
03.02.11 Domestic Travel Expenses 3000 3000
03.02.12 Foreign Travel Expenses 900 900
03.02.13 Office Expenses 7200 7200
03.02.16 Publication 200 200
03.02.27 Minor Works 3000 3000
03.02.28 Professional Services 3000 3000
03.96 Swatchhta Action Plan
03.96.13 Office Expenses 1000 1000
03.99 Information Technology
Office Expenses
900 900
03 Total-Tariff Commission 75300 75300
80.103 Total-Tariff & Price Regulation(Minor Head) 75300 75300

Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders 

Officers belonging to the cadre are being transferred by the respective cadres as per their transfer policy

 Foreign  and Domestic Tours 


Air India Bill No & date

Travel Date




Swapan Kumar Mondal, Economic Adviser

DEL/P/6996914873/2019 dt. 15.03.2019







Gobinda Gopal Mitra, CA(C)

DEL/P/6996915042/2019 dt. 20.03.2019







Sh. G.S Sahu Secretary, Tariff Commission (C)

DEL/P/6996915253/2019 dt. 25.03.2019













Swapan Kumar Mondal, Economic Adviser

DEL/P/6096904639/2020 dt. 16.08.2019







Swapan Kumar Mondal, Economic Adviser

DEL/P/6096906008/2020 dt. 23.09.2019













Implementation Status of Right to Information Act, 2005

(refer Clause 25 – Monitoring by CIC)

Year 2019-20(till FEBRUARYy,2020)

Issues Commissions response
(a)Number of requests received by each authority 13
(b) Number of decisions where applications were not entitled to access the documents pursuant to the requests, the provisions of the Act under which these decisions were made and the number of times such provisions were invoked NIL
(c) The number of appeals referred to Central Information Commission for review, the nature of appeals and the outcome of appeals. 1. The applicant did not turn up for appeal at CIC
(d) Details of disciplinary action taken against any officer in respect of administration of this Act. NIL
(e) Amount of charges collected by each public authority under this Act. -
(f) The details to indicate efforts made by the public authorities to administer and implement the spirit and intention of this Act. In pursuant to the Clause 4 of the Act, the requisite information pertaining to TC has been placed on the website.
(g) Suitable suggestions for reform, including those required for development, improvement, modernization, reform for the amendment of the Act or other legislation or common law or any other matter relevant for operationalisation the Right to access the information. CPIO was nominated for a woekshop on Transparency Audit organised by IRMRA at Mumbai

Staff Car logbook and Travelling Allowance

Log Book of office Staff Car will be available for verification on 1st ( date) and 15 ( date) of the month. In case these dates happened to be holiday it will be available for verification on the succeeding first working

Travelling Allowance bills also be available for verification on 1st (date) and 15(date) of the month. In case these dates happened to be holiday it will be available for verification on the succeeding first working day.