Vision & Mission

  • Vision & Mission


The Tariff Commission aims to be a premier knowledge based organisation and a centre for excellence in the field of domestic and global market research and Tax/Tariff, Trade related matters and realistic cost/price determination.


To advise the Government, State Government, Public sector undertaking (PSU) and other clients organisation and provide study based input to Government to facilitate informed decision making in a relevant, fair and unbiased manner to enable and sharpen their decision making capabilities with practical recommendations for enhancing the competitiveness.

Objectives of the Tariff Commission

  • Impact analysis of tariff changes on competitiveness of domestic industry and to identify policy measures to promote their international competitiveness.
  • Facilitation of modulating the tariff structures and also redressing the issue as relates to Inverted duty structure which adversely impact the domestic manufacturers.
  • Conducting studies related to techno-economic feasibility, cost pricing, competitiveness, resource efficiency, user charges issues and other aspects of various products referred by Ministries/Departments from time to time.