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(Para 11 Chapter1 refers)

To be published in the Gazette of India

Extraordinary Part I - Section I

Government of India

Ministry of Industry

(Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion)


New Delhi, the 12th April, 1999.

No. A-42012/1/98-E IV/CDN The Constitution of an independent Tariff Commission under the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion in the Ministry of Industry was notified vide Resolution No. A-42012/2/24/91-E.IV dated 2nd September, 1997. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Tariff Commission have been revised vide Resolution No. A-42012/1/98-E.IV dated the 8th September, 1998.

  1. The revised ToR has enlarged the role and responsibilities of the Commission that would now also inter-alia include the core functions of the Bureau of Industrial Costs & Prices (BICP) as well. In order to discharge its functions as per the revised ToR, the Tariff Commission requires in-house support, continuity and expertise in tariff and tariff related matters. Over the years, BICP has accumulated extensive database and expertise in the areas of technology, economic analysis, finance and cost accounting.
  1. Accordingly, the Government has decided to merge BICP with Tariff Commission to give the Commission the necessary resource base to carry out its functions in an effective and professional manner with effect from 1st April, 1999.
  1. The modalities with respect to the staffing of Tariff Commission vis--vis the BICP would be worked out by the Committee under the Chairmanship of AS & FA of Ministry of Industry.




Joint Secretary to the Government of India.




ORDERED that a copy of the Resolution be communicated to all concerned.

ORDERED also that the Resolution be published in the Gazette of India for general information




Joint Secretary to the Government of India.