1. Study of Assessment of Normative Cost of Water used for Drinking water supply and Irrigation

  2. Study on Estimation of per ton KM rate for transportation of fertiliser by road from plant/port in select districts of the country

  3. Study on Drinking Water Supply

  4. Study on O&M Cost of Single Village and Multi Village Rural Water Supply Scheme

  5. Study on impact analysis of fiscal incentives announced in the recent Budgets (2010-11 & 2011-12) done for Cold Chain Infrastructure

  6. Study on Principles of determination of tariffs for passenger fares by the city bus services in BRT Corridors & Non BRT cities/corridors                 

  7. study on Inverted duty structure

  8. Study on  Revision of Second Stage Handling charges of 580gm Jute Bags

  9. Study on fixation of normative transportation charges to be paid by the FCI to rice millers

  10. Study on performance of Tyre Study

  11. Study on COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS  OF ids StudIES

  12. Study on Impact Assessment

  13. Study on milling charges for raw rice and parboiled rice

  14. Study on Performance of cement industry

  15. Cost Benefit Analysis/ Impact Assessment